Fixed: Unable to add new website to Piwik

I’ve heard people saying that if you are creating an AdSense sniper site (or even affiliate sniper site), you’re better off not using Google Analytics. The reason behind this is that if you use Google Analytics to monitor your niche sites, it will be very easy for Google to track all your niche websites and penalize (for example, remove them from the Google index) them for whatever reason.

Maybe these people are just paranoid. But if they’re right, I wouldn’t want Google to wipe out all my websites from the face of the earth. I plan to devote a significant amount of time and sweat to these niche sites, so I must do everything I can to protect my investment.

So I went off and looked for a Google Analytics alternative. And then I found Piwik, an open source (free) website monitoring script. The installation process was pretty easy — I finished installing Piwik in about 5 minutes, just like they said on the Piwik website.

The domain on which I installed Piwik was automatically added to the list of websites for monitoring. Now, I just needed to add my other sites.

So I tried to add a new website, and then I clicked the Save button at the bottom of the page. It showed Loading data.... But when the page refreshed, the new site that I added did not appear in the list of sites for monitoring. I tried again. Same results.

I thought that there was something wrong with my Piwik installation. Until I accidentally scrolled to the right of the page.

There it was — a separate Save button that was not visible without scrolling to the right. I’ve included a screen shot below to show you where it is.



It looks like a bad user interface design job. But then again, it’s open source software.

So if you, too, are unable to add a new website to Piwik, this is probably the solution. I hope this helps you, too.

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