Text only vs. text and image ads?

Ever since I started working on my AdSense niche sites, I’ve always used one 336 x 280 text-only AdSense ad block right under the post title. The primary reason why I’ve been using text-only AdSense ads is because that’s how it was shown in the Micro Niche AdSense Course, one of the primary guides that I am using to develop my niche sites. And Although my click-through rate (CTR) has not been stellar, I’ve been happy with it.

But I’ve been hearing people talking that enabling AdSense ad unit to display both text and image ads can significant increase your AdSense revenue. Some have even received emails from Google encouraging them to enable text and image ads to the same effect.

Here’s why your AdSense revenue will increase if you enable both text and image ads, according to Google’s email:

Opting into text and image/rich media ads increases the pool of advertisers competing to appear on your site. More competition means a higher eCPM for you. Units that are opted into all ad types typically see an eCPM that’s 80% higher than text or image only units.

I got tired of all the talk, so I’m giving it a try.

As of today, I have enabled text and image ads on all AdSense ads units on my niche sites. I’ll be monitoring the CTR and revenue over the next few weeks, and I’ll post there results here.

Check back again soon.

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