Fixed: HP LaserJet M1217nfw MFP printer stuck at "Initializing…"

Fix for LaserJet M1217nfw MFP Printer issue where it gets stuck at “Initializing…” and keeps rebooting again and again.


I couldn’t print from my trusty old LaserJet M1217 nfw MFP printer this morning. And when I rebooted it, the printer display showed “Initializing…” and then appeared to shut down and reboot again. It went on like this for a few times until it became obvious that there was something wrong.

So as usual, I asked Miss Google (most people call her Mister for reasons I do now know) for the answer. I found several different solutions, but only one worked for me so I’m posting the instructions below.

Note: This solution may also apply to other LaserJet models. So you’re having the same issue (your LaserJet printer is stuck at “Initializing...“), you might want to try this fix.

Follow these steps to fix the issue.

  1. Turn off the LaserJet M1217 nfw MFP printer.
  2. Press and hold the red X button (cancel) and copy button (below the red x button) at the same time.
  3. Turn on the LaserJet M1217 nfw MFP printer.
  4. Continue to hold the two buttons until you see the printer display show PERMANENT STORAGE INIT.
  5. Release the two buttons. The printer continues to boot up. When the bootup process is complete, the printer display shows Ready.

You should now be able to print from your LaserJet printer again.

Did it work for you? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

  1. prakash s 4 months ago

    again same problem

  2. LR Johson 5 months ago

    YES Worked perfectly as described

  3. Geir Seierstad 5 months ago

    Yep, this worked out perfectly!

  4. Manuel 7 months ago

    The solution works for printer

  5. Milena 9 months ago

    Worked for me, too. Thanks a lot

  6. Jp 11 months ago

    Thank you very much! It did work for me!

  7. Marie-France 1 year ago

    J,ai toujours le même problème après plusieurs essais.
    Avez-vous une solution?

  8. Ruy 1 year ago

    It worked for me. guys after the printer get on ready state, dont forget to update firmware


  9. Ruy 1 year ago

    from Mozambique- worked for me. thanks a lot

  10. Ty 1 year ago

    Same problem after trying this several times.

  11. Tomas Cibak 2 years ago

    It works perfectly, thanks a lot !

    • ekau 2 years ago

      It works great

  12. Tony 2 years ago

    Did not work for me. Still just cycling over and over again through initializing

  13. Daniel 2 years ago

    My LaserJet M1217 new MFP would quickly flash initializing then show “Genuine HP Installed” then after 30-45 seconds quickly flash “”Initializing” then go back to “Genuine HP Installed” over and over again. Restarting the printer did nothing but restarting by pressing the red “X” and copy button fixed the problem – Thank you very much for posting your resolution!!!

  14. Shirley 2 years ago

    thank you. worked great. Had spent a lot of time trying to resolve this issue until I found you. Many thanks.

  15. jana 2 years ago

    I tried on my printer but it didn’t work so what can I do

  16. S Villarreal 3 years ago

    THANK YOU!! Worked perfectly.

  17. Nice Guy 3 years ago

    It worked, GREAT Bravo for your help

  18. kiko 3 years ago


  19. Tariq Ajmal 3 years ago

    Thanks was very helpful. It worked as noted.

  20. SgtCarnage 7 years ago

    I had same problem. I then did this. But my printer still some times go’s to “Initializing…” when I print or scan something. How do I solve this problem¿

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