First AdSense sniper site started

I spent a few days reading the AdSense Masters Course and playing around with Micro Niche Finder (at the same time looking for niche keywords that I can use to build my niche websites on).

Here’s the hard truth — it’s not easy to find a niche keyword that is has a high enough search volume but with low competition. Maybe it’s because I’m just starting. I hope I get better at this.

I couldn’t find a “green” keyword (one that Micro Niche Finder recommends that you go for because of low competition) so I decided to try my hand at a “yellow” keyword (one that has moderate competition — not as easy as a green one to rank for).

My Chosen Niche Keyword

This is my first AdSense sniper site. So I decided to take it slow.

I picked a keyword in the gaming niche. And since I couldn’t find a green main keyword, I picked a yellow one (moderate competition) with a monthly search volume of 500 and an ad cost of $0.46.

I know, I know. The course teaches us to pick a main keyword with at least 1000 global searches and an ad cost of at least $0.50. But again, this is my first site and I just want to get a feel of the entire process before really diving into it.

My Niche Website Plan

The course recommends using HTML files to create the website. It’s been a long time since I worked with HTML files and I, frankly, feel that WordPress will do just as well. Especially because search engines love WordPress. I’ve built sites before and it’s amazing how much faster the search engines will index your site when it’s running on WordPress.

So I’m using WordPress to build my first niche website. I’m tweaking the WP theme that I am using a bit, so it will have two columns (just as the course recommends) and use similar colors (green and black). I’ll try to make it look as close as the AdSense Master Course template.

For this site, I’m planning to write five to six articles — one article for the main keyword, and then four or five others based on related long-tail keywords with low-to-moderate competition.

Wish me luck!

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