Domain Names makes you wait 5 days for authorization code

Today, I tried transferring a domain name from to To be able to transfer the domain name, I need an authorization code (also known as EPP code) from When I tried to retrieve the authorization code from the website, I received the following message.


Today, I tried transferring a domain name from to To be able to transfer the domain name, I need an authorization code (also known as EPP code) from When I tried to retrieve the authorization code from the website, I received the following message:

Your request for an Auth Code has been received and your information will be validated for security reasons. If your request is approved, you will receive your Auth Code by email in 4-5 days.

Well, WTF. I used to be able to retrieve the authorization code immediately as soon as I click the Obtain Auth Code button. Now I have to wait five days?

I thought they changed this already. A few years ago, you had to call to get the authorization code. I called them about this issue once and suggested that they make it easier for people obtain the authorization code. Maybe other domain registrants complained as well because after a few months, they updated their Website and made the authorization code available immediately, just like other domain registrars. But now they’ve changed the process of retrieving the authorization code again.

Times must indeed be tough on that they’re resorting to desperate measures to hold on to customers.

I am transferring my domain name from to because the renewal cost is too expensive — $35 per year. I can get them for $7.49 with

And with this new process of obtaining the authorization code that sucks, I will continue transferring my domain names out of Even if I have to wait for five days.

For this, I think sucks. They’re too expensive and their service isn’t exactly the best in the industry. If you’re a big business and you bring them lots of revenue by buying other services like web hosting, they might treat you better. But if you’re only buying domain names from them, they probably won’t be as nice to you because you’re not bringing them enough cash.

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  1. Chelle Destefano 6 years ago

    Same here!!! Absolutely FURIOUS!!!!!! We bought both hosting and the domain with them and now we want to transfer to another hosting and they are kicking up a stink like a cry baby and suspended our domain name! (This is illegal surely!!!???) We want to move to a new web host company as this company charge WAY too much!!! Ridiculous!! Hey company, if you want more business, LOWER your bloody prices you big baby! Grow up!

  2. Fernando H. S. Martin 7 years ago

    I’m having the same problem with, it’s an abuse wait 5 days to get the fucking code.

    I hope at least receive the code in my e-mail in the right time!

  3. Gfx Grafix 7 years ago
    Reply really sucks a lot ! They are too expensive and veeeeeery slow on procedures, like when asking auth code. Their stupid behavior makes potential customers go away and transfer everywhere how bad they are !

  4. ilai 7 years ago
    Reply charge me $114 for 3 domain name, and i can disable Automatic
    SafeRenew, because to remove Automatic SafeRenew™ i must call 1-877-749-6247. Its so expensive to call from my country…where EPP code button?…

  5. Guest 8 years ago

    Call their customer service reps. I got mine in like 10 minutes (but I held for like 50 minutes). The people are nice, but their business model sucks. I wish they were as straightforward as other companies.

    • Guest 6 years ago

      I agree that the people have always been good. After seeing it took 5 days I called up and the woman was very gracious and processed my 10 domains within about 15 mins. charges $35 per domain because it can. It’s not meant to be an insult.

  6. serkan 8 years ago

    Just wanted auth code same message on my screen. really sucks. Just one domain on i hate for now..

  7. Rigister-Poast 8 years ago

    Same now with me. Asked twice for the
    authorization code and they give me the same garbage about there being suspicious
    activity on my account. are a bunch of scumbags, cheats and
    spammers. Avoid them like the plague!

  8. me 8 years ago

    Yea, I’m tired of these registrars ripping people off with there outrageous price, then making it difficult to transfer the domain. aking you wait 5 days to get the Auth Code. Then they call and say “What will it take to get you to stay?”. Reactive customer serivce.. We’re happy to rip you off until you try to leave. is now better. NS doesn’t warn you when it is about to expire (or CC# on file is expired), and then charges a $26 reinstatement fee to renew.

    Lesson of the story. Use Wild West Domains from GoDaddy, or any other reseller.

  9. Twoddle 8 years ago

    Just received this after trying to obtain my auth code, takes the mick!

    Dear xxxxxxxxxxxx

    You recently requested an auth code to transfer your “xxxxx” domain name.
    Your request has been processed and at this time it has been declined due to recent suspicious activity in your account. is committed to providing the most secure and reliable domain services for our customers.
    We have implemented specific security measures to help prevent unauthorized transfer of domains to another registrar.
    The type of suspicious activity that could have caused your request to be declined includes:
    – Multiple failed attempts to login to customer’s account
    – Recent changes to the account holder’s name, email address, or login ID
    – Attempts to access the account over the phone without authorization
    – Recent changes to the accounts password
    – Domain name lock not removed
    – Recent changes to billing or credit card information

    To receive your auth code, please call one of our customer service consultants at 1.888.734.4783. They will confirm you to the account and then fulfill your request.

    Thank You,

    Sandy Ross
    EVP, Customer Service

  10. DeWaN Md. RAZiB 8 years ago

    100% true, its my 3rd day and still waiting for the code 🙁

  11. Brenan 8 years ago
    Reply fucking sucks! seriously 38 dollars to renew a domain!!!! Are you kidding?????

  12. Riza Khan 8 years ago

    They charge $45 for forwarding, screw these people. Then they make you CALL them to DISABLE forwarding.

    OH if you want FREE forwarding they display a BANNER over your website… LOL

  13. dave 10 years ago

    Was the wait 5 days total? Or did you also have to wait an additional 5 days for the “automated process” to transfer as Ben O experienced? And… was your site down during the transfer?
    I’m disappointed with Register. I switched to them over Network Solutions years ago for identical reasons… too costly and cumbersome to transfer.

    • Jose 10 years ago

      @dave: You need around 8-10 days in total — 5 days to receive the authorization code and probably another 3-5 to complete the registrar transfer.

      Sometimes, the registrar transfer process is shorter, depending on the registrar. When I transfer domains from Dynadot to Go Daddy, for example, it only takes a day. But then again it’s very easy to get the authorization code from either Dynadot or Go Daddy.

      Yeah, sucks. Big time.

      • sam 6 years ago

        I’d be transferring it the other way around. Dynadot are awesome.

  14. Ben Osheroff 10 years ago

    I was able to short-circuit the “authorization code” process by calling — they had no problem giving out the code over the phone. The irony here is that I had no more credentials on the phone call than I did on their website, and of course no extreme security measures were taken.

    Now I’m waiting for their “automated process” to accept the transfer — of course they’ve built no UI for this. WTF takes 5 days to accomplish in the land of the internet these days? Another sign that this dinosaur of the internet needs a meteor landed on its head.

  15. Jose 10 years ago

    Hi Morgan,

    Yes, I heard that they do that — reject EPP requests arbitrarily. But I did get the EPP after 5 days and I was able to transfer the domain out without a hitch. I hope your transfer out process will be uncomplicated. Good luck!


  16. Morgan 10 years ago

    Did you ever get it?

    I’ve heard bad things, like they arbitrarily ‘reject’ your EPP request for security reasons.

    Just request mine for a few domains of my own, and am waiting anxiously.

    — Morgan

  17. CMJ 10 years ago

    I’d like to start by saying this: FUCK Avoid them like the plague. They want $35 a year to register my domains. Fuck that. Godaddy might try and cram 10990240720 offers down my throat, but at least I can keep my domains registered on the cheap. Now I wait for to contact me with MY epp code. It should be available right on the website. I don’t know why they’re allowed to hide my code from me.

    Fuck I hope their shitty business model fails and they never get the chance to register a domain again.

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