Beware of domain scammers on


May is almost over and I thought it would be the first month in a long time when I didn’t encounter a scammer. But I was wrong. Just a few minutes ago, somebody from the DigitalPoint forums tried to scam me of five domains with PageRank worth a few hundred dollars. Good thing I always remember my (expensive) lessons from previous scams — this scammer never had a chance.

Unable to access Enom account


A couple of my domain names registered with are expiring soon, so I thought I better transfer them to Go Daddy while I can (Go Daddy being cheaper than EnomCentral). I logged onto my EnomCentral account to unlock the domains and retrieve the authorization/EPP code. However, when the familiar EnomCentral dashboard appeared, it “ERROR – Account not found in database.”

Go Daddy phishing email


I received an email from Go Daddy earlier today, which informed me that numerous failed login attempts have been detected on my account and that I need to verify my information to ensure account security. It sounded like Go Daddy really cares about my account security and that I should do as the email instructed. Except the email message is not from Go Daddy — it’s a phishing email.

Spam sell offers for domain names

For a couple of months now, I’ve been getting spam messages that offer to sell me .COM versions of domain names that I own. I imagine these guys scan the drop lists for .COM domains that already registered in other TLDs, register these domains, and email the owners of the domain name in other TLDs.