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How to register a domain name

Learn how to register a domain name in a few easy to follow steps. Pictures included to guide you through the domain registration process.


A domain name (also known as a domain or web address) is the starting point of any online business or personal blog. The Internet is a vast territory, and without a domain name, your target audience (be it potential customers or people who share your hobby or interest) will never find your website.

If you have already decided on a web address that you want to purchase and you have confirmed that it is available

What you will need

To register or buy a web address, you will need:

  • The web address or domain name that you want to purchase
  • A credit card or a PayPal account

Domain name registration procedure

Follow these steps to register a domain name or web address.

Step 1: Go to the registrar’s website

Click the following link to go to our recommended domain registrar – The Go Daddy home page appears, showing a domain name search box.

Step 2: Enter the domain name that you want to register

In the search box, type the domain name that you want to register. For example, if you want to register the domain name “”, type exactly that —

Step 3: Click the search button

Click the Search button after the search box. The page refreshes, and then displays the following message:

Congratulations! [domain name] is available. Snap it up before someone else does.


Step 4: Click the Add button

  1. Click the orange Add button. This will put the domain name into your virtual shopping cart. After you click the button, the orange Add button turns into a gray Added button.
  2. Click the green Continue to Checkout button on the left side of the page.
  3. If a page appears and offers you additional products (for example, hosting), make sure that all check boxes are not selected, and then click the green Continue button at the bottom of the page.



Step 5: Review your order

The default behavior of the Go Daddy website is to make you register the domain name for more than one year. But you don’t need to register the domain name for more than one year, especially if this is your first website.

To register the domain for one year only, look for the Term column, and then change the drop-down menu under it to 1 year. The unit price and the total price should change after you update the registration period to one year. As of this writing, a .COM domain name costs $10.17.

Review the rest of the order details. When you are ready to pay for the domain name, click the orange Checkout button on the left side of the page.


Step 6: Check out and pay for the domain name

Click the Checkout button, and then pay for the domain name using either PayPal or your credit card. After you complete the payment, Go Daddy sends a confirmation email message to the email address that you used to create the Go Daddy account. The email message contains instructions on how to log on to the Go Daddy website and manage your domain name.

Congratulations! You have completed purchasing your web address (domain name).

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  1. Domain Newbie 7 years ago

    Excellent step-by-step instructions! Thank you for taking the time to write this article. I had no idea where to start to register my domain name. Thanks again.

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