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How to create a new Go Daddy account

I buy and sell domains as a hobby. And just because I do, people ask me all sorts of questions about domain names. One of the more frequent questions that I get is “How do I create a Go Daddy account?”

Will Google Domains kill off Go Daddy and other domain registrars?

In case you didn't know yet, Google is now officially a domain name registrar. Does this signal the beginning of the end for Go Daddy and other old school registrars?

How to register a domain name

Learn how to register a domain name in a few easy to follow steps. Pictures included to guide you through the domain registration process.

Go Daddy sends me a cheque I can never encash

I sold a domain name for US$1,750 via Go Daddy's Premium Listing service. After waiting 45 days for my cheque to arrive in the mail, it finally came... with a big surprise.

GoDaddy.com coupons for April 2010

I received a bunch of GoDaddy.com coupons that we can all use to avail of domain registration and hosting discount. Hope you can use 'em, too.

Go Daddy phishing email

I received an email from Go Daddy earlier today, which informed me that numerous failed login attempts have been detected on my account and that I need to verify my information to ensure account security. It sounded like Go Daddy really cares about my account security and that I should do as the email instructed. Except the email message is not from Go Daddy -- it's a phishing email.