How to cancel Sedo negotiations for domains you no longer own

Sedo regularly scans domain names that you have listed with them to ensure that you still own them. However, the system that they are using are obviously not perfect because I still keep getting Sedo offers on domain names that I sold as far back as six years ago.

Follow these steps to cancel the negotiations on Sedo for domain names that you no longer own.

  1. Go to the bid thread page for the domain name.
  2. Click the Sell Domain button. Don’t worry — you’re not really selling the domain. But this is only way you can get to the page where you can cancel the negotiation.
  3. Look for the text that says, “If you are no longer the owner of this domain please follow the link below to cancel negotiations and remove the domain from your Sedo account.”
  4. Click the Cancel Negotiations link. A confirmation message appears.
  5. Select the check box that says, “I confirm that I am not the owner of {} and wish to close all active offers and permanently remove the domain from my Sedo account.”
  6. Click the Cancel Negotiations button. The following message appears (which confirms that you have canceled negotiations): “All offers have been cancelled for {} and the domain has been removed from your Sedo account.”

That’s it. You will no longer receive domain offers from Sedo on the domain name that you just removed.

Click the Sell Domain button to get to the page where you can cancel negotiations


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