Toronto real estate websites

We recently moved to Toronto and, for the first time in my life, I had to look for a place to live. I expected house hunting to be a little easier because I assumed that with Toronto’s 5.5 million population, at least one person would have already compiled a list of real estate websites in the city. But I couldn’t find a single list of websites that home seekers like myself could just go over and click away.

So here’s a list of Toronto real estate websites that I found during my search for a home (yes, we finally found one that we like). I am not associated with any of these websites and they are listed from what I consider as largest, most useful websites to the smaller ones.

  1. — The largest Canadian real estate website so far
  2. — Mostly houses and apartments for rent
  7. Toronto Craigslist
  9. — Quite a few listings, but it doesn’t have a map search like the other websites do
  10. Toronto Kijiji
  12. — This website grabs data from other real estate websites (including Craigslist)
  14. — Mostly apartments and condos
  15. — Lists condos for sale only

I hope this list of Toronto real estate websites can help someone out there who is looking for a house, apartment, or condo to rent or purchase. If you find this list helpful, please leave a comment. Happy house hunting!

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